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Tara DiMaggio

Our journey with THA started in 2013 - seeking a daycare, we were impressed by the directors, Mara and Daniel’s kind and warm demeanor. Our first daughter started with them in 2014 and we stayed with Treehouse until our second daughter started kindergarten in 2022. We loved the teachers (many of whom are still there and most of whom we still connect with), the curriculum, the wonderful other families we befriended along the way, the diversity and inclusion of the school and the distinct focus on social and emotional well-being and awareness for the children. I could go on and on - I am forever grateful for their resiliency throughout the pandemic that was nothing short of heroic and the family that we are now part of! These wonderful people pretty much raised us as a whole family :)

Meredith Adamczyk

Tree House has been our second home since my oldest was 18 months. To say this place has been the most caring, nurturing environment for my kids is an understatement. The amount of connections that the owners and staff make with the children and families is unmatched. Being a smaller day care, which we love, you are treated like a family member. There is so much kindness and care demonstrated, an the amount of time and effort put in to create an amazing learning environment is really admirable. We are so lucky to have this amazing community!

Katie Weber

My daughter has attended Treehouse Academy for a year and a half. We are so happy with the care she receives from the directors and her teachers. It is always hard leaving your child when you go to work, but knowing she is in great hands and having so much fun learning is a relief. We love this daycare so much, that our son now attends the infant room. The teachers really care about both of our kids. I have the utmost confidence in the staff to keep them safe, happy and teach them invaluable lessons. The kids go in great outings to playgrounds in the area and have a great curriculum for all ages, my daughter has learned so much - including some Portuguese!

Jay B 

Both of our kids (ages 5 and 2) are at Treehouse, and we've been with them for over four years. This is an absolutely wonderful place that both of our kids love. Mara, the director, is a remarkable human being, and she has a wonderful vision for the kids' education focused on warmth, love, acceptance, and skills.

COVID was challenging for Tree House, but Mara and her team have really weathered it remarkably well, consistently putting the needs of our kids first.

What I like most about Tree House is how open and accessible the leaders/owners are. We see them every day. They're present, in and out of the classroom, and always receptive to questions and feedback.

I can't say enough about Tree House and our experience, and I would highly recommend them to any other family looking for childcare in this area. 

Laura Packer

Both of my children have attended Tree House Academy since they were 3 months old (now 10 mo and 4.5 years). I can't thank the staff enough for their love, kindness, and support in raising our children. We consider the THA community as family and are so thankful to have our kids in their care.

Molly Wolf

We love Treehouse and everyone who works there. We have sent both of our kids from infancy, and have found the environment nurturing, loving, and accommodating. Many of the teachers have been there for a long time and took care of both our kids. Everyone at Treehouse treats us like family. Our kids can’t wait to go to school every day, and always come home smiling and happy. We feel lucky to have gotten spots here and would highly recommend to other families!

Steven Gniazdowski

We have sent both our kids here from infant care to Pre-K and have had wonderful support. The teachers have changed over the years, but the owners take care to select good people to work here. Any issues we’ve had we had support to deal with them as they are kids, and they make mistakes. Some former teachers left to further their careers to become public school teachers. This shows the quality of teachers that advance after leaving. This is a great place to send your kids.

Samantha Povlich

I have trusted Tree House Academy to care for my own kids since they were only 3 months old. (Edit: we have been with treehouse for over 6 years). The owners, administrators and staff are all dedicated to the children, so much so that during COVID shutdowns, they worked to provide virtual learning for kids of all ages in whatever capacity they could (yes, even for the infants). Kids get a lot of outdoor playtime and the curriculum is always tailored to each age group according to their developmental needs from infant all the way through Pre-K.

If you're looking for a center that is clean, with high quality early education/child-based learning where teachers and staff truly love the children they work with, this is the place for you.

Hae-In Kim

Our child has been at TH since infancy and is now in the preschool. We are so appreciative of the loving care and attention that he has received and all of the ways his growth and development have been supported by teachers and staff, throughout his time here. We are happy to be a part of this community!

Nancy Tran

Treehouse Academy is a wonderful daycare center. This is a place with family at its heart and soul. My eldest has been with THA since she was 5 months old. +4 years later her little brother is now under this center's loving care.

Scott Sands

Nicest people ever. Both our kids attended THA over the last 7 years and of all the places we've had our kids this is the standout. Baby girl is excited to go every day, and scurries through the doors in the morning with excitement and doesn't look back! They genuinely just love kids and seeing them grow up! Can't recommend enough.

Pallavi Gambhire

We are so happy that we found a spot in THA during the early months of the pandemic when our daughter’s original daycare suddenly shut down. Since joining THA, she has been thriving, growing into her little personality, is excited to go to school each morning and doesn’t look back! It is such peace of mind knowing she is spending her day with a wonderful group of kiddos and teachers who truly care that we continue sending her to THA despite moving farther away.
It is truly an achievement for the community by Mara and Daniel.

He-Lee Family

Our son went to THA since he was 7 months old. We really appreciate the loving and nurturing environment THA has been providing in the past three years. Most of the teachers are not native English speakers is not a problem at all. We actually love the fact that our son is being exposed to different languages and cultures and learns to appreciate the diversity!

Clémence Gueugnier

Our daughter has been at Tree House Academy for over 6 months, and she is delighted. The team is smiling, attentive and transparent. I have nothing else to say but thank you!

Nathanael Eiser

Our first born started at Tree House a little over five months ago and we have been impressed by the team and the amount of activities they provide to develop the babies' fine and gross motor skills, not to mention their calm and caring attitude. Mara, the owner and director, is easy to reach by phone, email, or in person so we have the peace of mind of knowing that she is always available to give recommendations to first-time parents like us.

Aline Pandolfo

I've been working as a Toddler Assistant Teacher at Tree House Academy since June of 2022, and I can say that this is a great place to work! Teachers and staff members are very welcoming and kind since my first day, as well as the director, who are always present in school. I am working on my education to get my teacher and lead teacher certifications, all thanks to Tree House Academy!
My daughter also attends Tree House, and I totally love the way that teachers take care of her! She comes back home looking forward to her next day at school, which for me, is everything!

Asia Korecka

Both of our kiddos go to the Tree House Academy and are growing and developing so well, since they were few months old. The teachers are only but carrying, the managing staff is always there if needed, and there is a great feeling of community and respect for all - the little once, their parents, the teachers and the staff. We very much appreciate the diversity of the different cultures and the most amazing hugs the teachers give to their pupils and out kids.

Mara Eyllon

We have been sending our 2.5-year-old to Tree House for nearly two years and she loves it there. The staff are warm, compassionate, and patient with her. They take the kids outside on a walk or to the playground once or twice a day and engage them in all sorts of activities from arts and crafts to music to reading to churning their own butter! The owner is very communicative with parents, posting photos and videos online, and responding quickly to emails. They’ve also been really wonderful supporting us through the potty-training process. Highly recommended.

Silvanice Santos

I have been a teacher at Tree House Academy since 2019. Since then I have always been treated with respect by the owners and their staff. I have real friends there and whenever I needed, I could always count on my co-workers and management. The school principal is always very attentive to everyone, parents, children, and staff. The children are always treated with care and affection. I highly recommend the school for any parents that want to be sure their children will have a great education.

Abhishek Gupta

My older daughter attended Tree House Academy for 5 years, all the way from infant room to Pre-K. Now my younger daughter goes there too. We have had a great experience there. The teachers are loving and caring. Mara, the director, and her team create interesting curriculum and activities. Our kids are very happy going there and love their teachers and friends. I highly recommend Tree House Academy.

Kathlyn Cross

Wonderful staff and super attentive management. The director, Mara, is very knowledgeable and friendly, always available to discuss the development of my child. Highly recommended.

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