Our Philosophy


At Tree House Academy we believe that the purpose of education is to help children understand their world in order for them to grow in a positive way, contribute to society, and live a well-balanced life in this society.

We believe that children learn best when they are taught under a safe, healthy and learning environment, a clean setting free of injuries where children can enjoy their freedom to explore, experiment and gain understanding of their world. A nurturing, warm

and supportive place that they can trust and feel confident in, while working and developing the skills necessary for their growth. Our teachers provide opportunities for children to explore materials, to engage in physical activities, and interact with their peers

and adults while the children are playing. Play is the tool by which the children practice their skills and replay experiences in many different ways. Through play children expand their minds, develop verbal abilities, get to know themselves and begin to learn to handle

and work out relationships with others. Our curriculum supports children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual

development. It includes active involvement of children in the learning process, recognizing that young children learn through play, active investigation of their environment, concrete experiences, and by communicating with peers and adults. Our curriculum has a variety of activities and materials in order to encourage proper

manipulation, experimentation, action and interaction, activities in where children are able to make use of all their senses by actually experimenting and participating in groups.

Our set of learning includes language and literacy stimulation, mathematics, science, creative arts, as well as physical activities. This contributes to a child’s ability to listen, speak, practice emergent writing, solve problems, verbalize their needs, socialize, and promote a strong and healthy body. Our children will be assessed through observation as they engage in play during classroom activities. The recording and documenting of the

children’s development help teachers to plan suitable activities for each child, resulting in a child centered curriculum.

Some of the features of Tree House Academy learning environment are appropriate furniture that are compatible to the children’s height, as well as equipment and materials according to their ages and stages of development. Our classrooms are well organized into interest centers for the children to be able to see what activities are straightforward as possible.

Young children learn, develop and grow best when they are able to touch real things and interact with caring people around them. We firmly believe that children learn

through play. We believe that all children have certain needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn at their level. Some of these needs are nutrition, safety, love, support and encouragement. Children will do better if they feel safe and appreciated, if their physical

needs are met, and if they feel psychologically secure.

Our teachers are qualified in Early Childhood Education, with a wealth of experience. They are nurturing, competent and confident individuals. Respect and understanding must be shown to the children’s development by giving them unconditional love, being

consistent in the adopted routine, and by giving children freedom to play and make choices. Our teachers also show respect to co-workers and parents or guardians and are models to the children. Also, since we exist in a multicultural environment, each child’s culture should be promoted and respected. We admit families of every race, color, cultural heritage and national origin, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation,

disability or religious belief. Our providers of young children are trained individuals who are always willing and ready to enhance children learning environment in order to meet their needs.

We believe that the involvement of the parents in a child education is paramount, since the child will surely have a better chance to succeed in life. Given that early childhood encompasses the family and the teachers, without parental support the job of nurturing the youngsters would be incomplete.

Our staff is fully committed to the continuity of learning, growing and contributing as professionals, always looking for better ways of supporting children to achieve their goals in life.


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